Want to create a life design of flow and abundance?

As you know, it is my life’s work to explore what this means and how to achieve it.

I was going through some old journal’s and found a list I wrote a couple of years ago. “Hmmmm… this could be useful to someone”, I thought as I stroked my chin.

I get a lot of emails these days from people asking how to achieve more flow in life. Sometimes people have read the books on flow, and understand the concepts of tweaking the challenge level, seeking risk and so forth.

I believe it is whole-scale lifestyle redesign that people want help with.

How can you create a radically different life design which flow is a natural emergence?

If that a question that interests you, listen in.  That’s what these 21 points are all about. When I look at my life, these are foundational.

I suggest listening to the podcast and referring back to these show notes. I have linked to articles/ videos/ podcasts that relate specifically to the point in question, where appropriate.

It would be great to hear what you think, what is useful to you? Have you created your own principles of success? Its a great way to bring awareness to what has worked in your life design.



  1. Asking tough questions that lead to self-awareness. Check out this download: it has a bunch of great power questions.
  2. Breaking free from conditioning. Redefining my own perspectives on success was a game-changer
  3. Feeding my consciousness with high quality inputs: media, friends, places
  4. Developing a Meditation and awareness based practice
  5. Learning to hear my intuition, trust my intuition, strengthen my intuition
  6. Cultivating a certain social group around me: “Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future”.
  7. Recognizing and amplifying shifts in consciousness caused by real life experience. (one-ness, the law of impermanence, the separation of thoughts and self)
  8. Understanding neuroplasticity and the power we have to change
  9. Redefining my relationship with money
  10. Becoming friends with Fear
  11. Changing my outlook on life and death
  12. Focusing on habits that serve my highest goals– but not focusing on the goals
  13. Trusting in the universe, understanding surrender and acceptance- fear versus love
  14. Loving my body, learning to move my body… mindfully through Qi Gong, Yoga surfing
  15. Accepting what I can not change and changing what can not accept
  16. Always asking for help
  17. Always giving help when you can. Giving is the source of great power
  18. Learning the power of vulnerability (and admitting what I don’t know)
  19. Personal organization: The power of single tasking and the weakness of multi tasking
  20. Knowing when I’m most powerful and capitalizing
  21. Using all of this to create the reality I choose

Which principle can you add to the design of your life today?

Hit me back with any feedback or questions.

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