Dr Kate Baecher is a Performance Psychologist, climber, mountaineer, mischief-maker, free-spirit, loyal human and all round lover of nature, and an expert when it comes to flowing through fear.

On this wide-ranging conversation Jiro and Kate discuss the power of raw nature to re-calibrate us from seeking external validation to understanding internal growth.

“All the things society seems to value- the wealth and status- nature equalises. It puts everyone on equal footing”.

Kate draws on her background in the military and as a performance psychologist to elite athletes to help us understand how perceived risk taking is often the result of extreme care, caution and control.

“Extreme athletes are not reckless, they are control freaks.”

Kate explains her views on how pursuit of skill in a hobby is such a powerful way to achieve happiness, and how existential crises are often a result of people simply not having an outlet for focused pursuit of mastery.

Towards the end of the interview Kate shares with us a couple of solid techniques to deal with fear in the moment.

Listen in to get a deeper understanding of the psychology and neuroscience of fear, how to overcome your fears and how to create a life of greater fulfilment.

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