Giles Hutchins is a powerful change catalyst and visionary who helps leaders and organisations become “future fit”, capable of co-creating the sustainable and harmonious future we all want.

His passion is exploring ways of applying nature’s inspiration to sustainable business transformation. His work draws on a range of theories and practices (such as biomimicry, cradle-to-cradle & industrial ecology) applying them to the challenges businesses face today, providing practical insight and guidance to help businesses redesign for resilience in these volatile times.

It was a true honour and pleasure to host him on the Flowstate Podcast to dive into:

  • how we can transcend polarisation
  • practical steps business leaders can take to steer their organisations towards greater flow
  • Generative listening as a way to induce change
  • How the imaginal cells of a caterpillar illustrate how change in our culture can occur
  • The power of being in nature
  • Accessing the implicate order, from which can can sense, intuit and feel

More about Giles Hutchins:

In his 20 years of business experience the has written prolifically and persuasively on the themes of inner transformation, nature connection and systems change.

Giles draws on timeless wisdom traditions, somatic intelligence, the Mind of Nature, quantum leadership and consciousness raising techniques.

He consults to some of the most progressive organisations on the planet, who seek his counsel on how to lead from the emerging future and create practices and products that align with our planetary boundaries.

In what he refers to as a transformation from our ‘firms of the past’ toward our ‘firms of the future’, Giles applies a range of tools, techniques and business insights to help leaders and organizations become future fit.

Giles is Founding Partner of The Natural Business Partnership, Chairman of the Future Fit Leadership Academy, co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, Partner of The Bio-Leadership Project and senior adviser to a number of pioneering institutions.

He regularly guest lectures at leading Universities and Business Schools as well as being a keynote speaker at conferences. He has been interviewed by the BBC, writes articles for a number of world leading networks, and is author of the books The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014) and Future Fit (2016).

What others say about Giles:

“Giles Hutchins offers lifesaving radical surgery for humanity and the business world. With breath-taking flair, he dismantles illusions and articulates a bold and sophisticated vision of organizational sanity.”

:: Dr Malcolm Parlett

“Giles is a forward thinking visionary, passionate with the head of an engineer and the soul of a poet.” 

::Alan Moore, Strategic Advisor at FluteOffice

“Giles Hutchins is at the forefront of synthesizing new logics for business with the natural rhythms of life and the human mind that will revolutionize business.” 

:: Lynne Sedgemore CBE, former CEO, Centre for Excellence in Leadership

Giles Hutchins’ published works:

Future Fit (Amazon), a practical business book for those of us involved in the future of business, from entrepreneur to senior executive.

 The Nature of Business (Green Books), which won an award in North America and has received much praise both sides of the Atlantic.

The Illusion of Separation (Floris Books), which received wide ranging praise from world leading philosophers, academics, business experts and leadership specialists.

Follow him at

Email:   [email protected]

Watch these short videos about Future Fit , The Illusion of Separation and The Nature of Business

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