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TFPP 055: Chris Knight: Emotional Anatomy and Body Mind Connection

By November 1, 2017 One Comment

chris knight flowstate emotional anatomyThis is Chris Knight, the founder of Emotional Anatomy, Intuitive Unwinding Meditation & co/founder of Soul Space Brisbane. 

He is also the most knowledgeable and articulate person I have met when it comes to understanding the connection of body, mind and energetic self.

For the past 10 years, Chris has specialised in taking individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to the next level through down-to-earth and profound energetic consultancy. 

I knew him by reputation before I met him in person. He has taught some of the humans who I most respect.

When we met, it was on a night out camping on the beach I had organised with 5 friends. The plan was to connect with nature, ourselves, do some breathing, Wim Hoff-ing… and allow what unfolded. 

We had such a amazing night out, and Chris and I hit it off, with hilarious yet profound conversations across an eclectic spectrum of subjects. I sensed in him the deep wisdom that comes only through a life of contemplation and curiosity. 

He possesses a rare ability to discuss highly spiritual subjects with simplicity, and to cut through bullshit with grounded humour and perceptive insights into the nature of self, energy and reality.

A lot of people can talk about mind- body connection and the chakra system.. but not many can articulate it with the mind-blowing precision and clarity that Chris can. Not a whiff of woo.

The next morning I asked him to come on the podcast and share his wisdom. 

Click here to find out about Chris’ trainings & workshops. I’ll be joining his March intensive. Come join us. 🙂

What will you learn about in this interview?

  • The key difference between Christianity and Buddhism
  • Why meditation leads to transformation
  • The relationship between pain and growth
  • How the chakra system relates to human consciousness
  • The best way ever to explain body-mind connection
  • The concept of exploring life through the lens of energy
  • Why Osho was called the Rich Man’s Guru
  • Why Trump, K??im Jong-Un and nuclear threat could be the greatest gift to the world
  • What Osho’s approach to the US/ DRK nuclear stand-off might be
  • Why self-expression is the route to transformation and coming alive

Choice Quotes by Chris Knight:

“When are you going to wake up? When you’ve had enough pain”.

“It’s really painful to be aware of something and not take action on it”.

“Trump is a gift to the world. Most politicians wear a mirror and hide who they really are. Trump doesn’t. The mirror is clear”.

“North Korea are provoking [Trump] in such a way that he either resorts to a base level of response… or he grows.”

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