Laird Hamilton is a modern day Wild Man and a legend of freedom and flow.

Best known as a big-wave surfing pioneer and iconic waterman, Laird has spent his whole life pushing boundaries, in a natural expression of what makes him feel alive.

In his 53 years Hamilton has been an elite performer as a surfer, innovator, athlete, author, stuntman, model, producer, TV host, entrepreneur, husband and father.

Laird strikes me as the epitome of a human “Living in Flow”. His adventures on the ocean are just one part of a holistic life, designed to allow maximum expression and harmony with nature.

He is firmly grounded in his family life (wife of Gabrielle Reece and father of 3 daughters), is surrounded by loyal friends, has co-founded XPT a high performance training company, released a range of nutrition products, gives back through charity work…

and at the age of 53 has the energy, curiosity and playfulness of a child, combined with the wisdom that can only be gained through a life time of challenge, discipline and personal growth.

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In this free-flowing podcast you’ll discover:

– How humans have become domesticated, and how we can re-wild
– How we “should be humbled by nature”, so our ego’s can be put in place
– How to condition yourself to deal with fear (“When I was a kid, I drowned every day”)
– How you can find flow simply by immersing into nature
– The role relationships play in a life design of flow
– How to express yourself as a man in a healthy way…
– What it feels like to hydro-foil above the ocean on a rapid, massive wave
– Why it’s important to take control of your destiny and be successful on your own terms
– How Laird raises his children
– The nutrition philosophy of Laird and drinking high fat coffee way before Bulletproof was a thing
– How to train your intuition and instincts

Laird Hamilton epic quotes

 – “We don’t get to hunt giant wild beasts anymore… so we go out into the wilderness and do these things… It makes me a better human.”

-“We should be humbled by nature.”
-“The act of riding a wave is harmonious with nature. You don’t ever ‘conquer’ a wave. You are able to harmonise with it.”

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