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My name is Jiro Taylor. This is a story of a recent journey or vision quest I created for myself.  A vision quest is a rite of passage, that in many cultures will involve separation from community, aloneness in nature, and perhaps a series of “ordeals” that evoke greater self-awareness.
This quest ticked all those boxes… and then some!

Chapter 1: Working with San Pedro & Connecting in with Nature
I had a ticket for Burning Man in the US. But something didn’t feel right. So I followed a call to drop into nature and ceremony, working with a plant teacher/ medicine, on sacred land.
I set the intention to heal some childhood stories that I could feel manifesting in present day relationships. I had a profound and joyful experience, but to get to the joy I had to do some deep inner work.
I was able to access memories that were buried under a thick crust.  This allowed me to approach the past from the present, and move trauma from my body through the light of awareness as well as copious amounts of laughing, whooping, shaking, moving, tree-climbing, crying, singing, swimming and BEING.
By the final day, I felt so light and free. I felt Wild.
There was an Eagle circling high above me. I instantly began “craughing”- my new word for laughing and crying at the same time. (It’s awesome).
Such deep gratitude for the plant teacher and those who serve it with such integrity and wisdom. And for those who journeyed with me to these other realms to be part of each others healing.
Key Lessons:
  • In the present I heal the past
  • The external world is a mirror of what lies within
  • Healing and growth simply arises when one removes the “static” of lower frequency emotions and thoughts. Its always there. Natures frequency.

Chapter 2: My Birthday & the Toad
I came back home to spend my birthday with my wife and friends.
We had a drums, didgeridoo, guitars… and loads of food.. and a fire of course.  I received an “honouring”- each friend speaking about what they saw in me that gave them inspiration. I shared a few words from my heart about Tribe… and the very special feeling of being part of one.
The next morning a brother turned up out the blue. A unique and beautiful human. He brought 2 gifts.
One was a striking Mallee root from the desert… the other was an invite to journey with the “Hallucinogenic Toad Prophet“.
I’ll go deeper into this one day, but for now lets say that journeying with the Toad (5Meo -DMT- the most powerful of all psychedelics I believe) was powerful.
It was the fusing of all polarities, and a clear reminder of my power to transcend all divisions and separation in life.
As I came to lucidity I felt re-born on this forest floor… like I was seeing my body and the earth with fresh eyes. The experience of the unconditioned state, although fleeting, has left me with a renewed awareness of the subtleties of my conditioning and the path ahead to enduring higher states.
Key Lessons: 
  • You are God… so am I. So is everyone. Let’s be cool with that.

Chapter 3: The Frog
The invitations just kept popping up… so the very next day I traveled to journey with another “teacher spirit” from the Amazon, Kambo.
This is a legal substance, a poison harvested from a Frog. The legend goes that the village Medicine man in the Amazon, having tried everything to heal the tribe, journeyed with ayahuasca and was guided to the Frog.
He was taught how to gently harvest the poison from the frog, and apply it to the subcutaneous layer of skin.
Look… Kambo is not fun, nor do you get pretty imagery.  It’s a difficult purging process. You down 2 litres of water just before, get the poison/ medicine applied, spend the next 15 minutes feeling blood pressure spike while the nausea gradually ratchets up tortuously.
You know what Kambo feels like? Exactly what you imagine being poisoned by a toxic frog from from the Amazon would feel like.
But afterwards… what clarity. A kind of energetic cleanliness that you will only understand if you go through the rite of passage yourself. Like being cleaned from the inside out. I came away with mental sharpness, physical lightness, emotional freedom and a sense that I was indeed on a spiritual quest.
Key Lesson: 
  • All blockages, limitations, dysfunction or dis- ease on the emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level will manifest in a cellular level. The more your judge yourself and others, the more anxiety you hold on to, and the more you give power to the ridiculous notion that you are not good enough, the more gunk (technical term) you will pick up and store deep within you. You can cleanse this and feel a different kind of squeaky clean.

Chapter 4: Brotherhood, Fire, Breathing & DMT
A mutual friend connected me with a Anton… a Swedish Wim Hof instructor visiting Australia.
I picked him up from the train station and I started planning how to give this delightful Swede a truly memorable Aussie nature experience. Mission accomplished. Haha. ?
We climbed Mount Coolum so he could greet the land and pay his respects. And then I assembled 6 Flow Brothers, and we made a plan to camp out under the stars, make a fire, and go deeeeeep into breathing.
After the obligatory nudie swim, we sat around the fire talking story. Anton is a young guy with a big future ahead of him.
Anyone who literally changes himself in a year, drops 40kg, heals himself of a slew of auto-immune type of ailments, generates enough self-worth that by 21 he has trained to teach people awesome stuff that helped him heal….  is worth listening to and being with.
His way of guiding us through breathing was natural and I felt trusting immediately.
Very soon, after a few minutes of circular breathing and long breath holds and playing around with “DMT breathing”…. I remember sitting next to the fire, just going for it, doing a more advanced sequence than the usual WHM style.
Next thing I know Im firmly rooted to my body which is firmly rooted to the earth… while a part of my consciousness spirals out of my forehead into a geometric vortex of sublime beauty… Fractals opening up into fractals, to infinity.
I don’t know whether Im on an inhale or an exhale. I don’t know if I need to breathe. I don’t “know” anything. Whats breathing? Who am I? Haha…
Key Lesson:
  • Life is wonderful. Ocean, fires, mates, breathing. All free. All powerful. All awesome.

Chapter 5: Breathing Mastery with Dan Brulé

I next partook in a series of beautiful workshops with a teacher of conscious breathing, Dan Brulé. Dan helped me understand that to become more conscious of breath is to become more conscious… full stop.

We learned a multitude of amazing breathing techniques, and reached altered states of bliss and wholeness, in which I was able once again to address past patterns and episodes that led to feelings of in-completeness… and I was able to laugh at them… and laugh at my ego.

The ego is a hilarious construct, when viewed from just the right angle. It tries so hard to protect but in doing so it stunts growth with its earnest seriousness.
Key Learnings: 
  • Life is a chance to play
  • Nature breathes me and I breathe nature. When we resonate on the same frequency, there is wholeness, love and peace.
  • Breathing is a gateway to wherever you want to go. Explore it with childish curiosity

Chapter 6: Tantra & Erotic Friction
I was invited to join a retreat with 2 modern day masters of Tantra. I had heard amazing things about these teachers, so it was an immediate YES.
What an amazing experience.
I spent 5 days gazing into the eyes of others, connecting through body intelligence, refining and expressing my intuition and learning to be in a default state of open, vulnerability… but yet feel more powerful than I ever have before.
Key Learnings: 
  • To be able to be both hard and soft, wild yet gentle, Yin and Yang, dark and light… is to integrate the duality of life and exist in higher levels of consciousness
  • Life plays out along the spectrum between polarities, and to be able to flow along this spectrum, learning from each place along it, with non-attachment and curiosity… is the Highest meaning of “Living in Flow”
  • Women who express the wildness within make my knees weak, and my heart open

Final word:
Deep gratitude to all my teachers, and most of all to nature and the nature within me.
To be reminded again and again, through different languages and modalities that I am whole, that I am nature, that I am the creator of my life was a beautiful experience.
So on that note, allow me to remind you that you are awesome, you are whole, you can not be anything less than whole… so let’s go about our lives remembering this and anytime we forget let us go into nature, tune into our inner nature and find that sweet spot of resonance.
Therein lies the wholeness.

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