Chris Plough is on a mission to connect humanity by creating sustainable world change for Good. He explores what it means to be human to equip you for the world that is coming.

Chris has packed his life full of challenging adventures. He has performed naked on a stage in front of hundreds, trekked across Siberia and massive sub-zero temperatures on a motorcycle to reach the Arctic Circle,  driven an ambulance 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia… and build an 8 figure technology business and sold it.

Having succeeded in as an entrepreneur and a human in search of fulfilment, Chris connects the art of inspiration with the business of execution while guiding the Explorers who will shape the frontiers of our world.
This conversation is packed full of potent wisdom for anyone wanting to break through to greater levels of fulfilment and flow. Chris’ real life story is one of experiencing the depths of despair, achieving “success” and wealth before realising what really matters in life, and optimising for that.
Listen in if you want tips and inspiration for your breakout mission.

Main themes of the conversation

  1. The entrepreneurs journey to burnout, anxiety and misery
  2. Creating space in life to contemplate and experiment
  3. Ego-fuel versus Fulfilment fuel
  4. The power of a mission to drive one through challenges
  5. Exploring what it means to be human
  6. The key difference between fear and anxiety
  7. How we can best prepare for a world of unparalleled change and technological  breakthroughs
  8. What it means for us when AI take over all logical work
  9. Knowledge versus wisdom
  10. Fulfilment versus happiness
  11. How to turn LIFE INTO PLAY
  12. Becoming an Artist
  13. Self-less selfishness, and the importance of filling your own needs before helping others

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