On the path to Flow Mastery, I’ve become fascinated with lucid dreaming.

So I invited Aaron Gazzola onto the Flowstate Podcast to talk us through his experiences and give us some tips. Aaron is a sleep scientist and has been lucid dreaming for many years.

What is lucid dreaming?

Dreaming with lucidity is to achieve a certain state of awareness within the dream state. It’s like accessing a virtual reality, without the tech and without psychedelics… but with the sensory awareness.

Dreaming lucidly means being aware that one is dreaming, and staying in the dream despite knowing you are dreaming.

Lucid dreams can be more than escapist fantasy- there are ways to turn lucid dreaming into powerful pathways for healing and growth. In the dream world, you can perceive life and yourself through a different lens, offer yourself wisdom and comfort, and even heal physical ailments.

For artists and explorers, the dream world becomes an infinite canvas to express and experiment.  Dreams are also safe places to face fears.

Please listen in to Aaron and I diving into lucid dreaming, the role they can play in our lives… and how to do it.

What does Lucid dreaming have to do with Flow?

To become a skilful pioneer of flow, and achieve “flow consciousness”, you need to learn how to navigate many states of consciousness.

Becoming aware of dream states, and then becoming an active participant in dreams presents an unbelievably exciting arena to explore yourself.

The dream state has been highly valued in many cultures, and some tribes are known to recount their dreams daily, and weave them into waking reality. This helps them hone their intuition, develop telepathic senses and tune into very subtle layers of reality.

To learn how to do this, is to achieve flow mastery.

To learn more about this, please read the excellent book Original Wisdom, by Robert Wolff.


Do you want flow mastery?

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