Control of consciousness determines quality of life.

Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiFlow Pioneer & Psychologist

It’s time to go back to basics and explore what flow state is all about. This episode is all about the temporary state of consciousness called “flow state” or “the zone” and will help you understand it, and achieve more of it.

What is flow state?

Listen in to find out about the neurological shifts that happen when we achieve the right ratio of challenge and skill in whatever activity we are immersed in. Through skilfully setting up how we approach life we can learn how to change the way our brain processes information.

It’s amazing to consider how we can consciously influence the neuro-chemicals that flow through our brain, the frequency of our brain waves  and what parts of our brain dim while others light up.

Learning to master flow states gives you the power to act spontaneously, expand time, lose self-consciousness and focus deeply… on demand. This enables us to achieve our goals with style and ease, and become the highest performing versions of ourselves.

(Read this article to go deeper into this.)

And this is only scratching the surface of the powers that flow state hints at. This is a pathway to full intuitive powers, potential, telepathy, quantum growth, deep interconnection and more.

Why achieve more flow state?

During this solo episode, I explain exactly why I design my entire life to maximise flow states.

Hint: it goes way beyond high performance. That is just the cherry on the cake. Flow is about discovering who we really are under all the limits and conditioning, so we can achieve ultimate freedom.

How can you achieve more flow?

I’ll give you an overview of my specific flow practices, and break down the simple formula for you to achieve flow in any given set of circumstances.

Most of all, this episode is a launchpad for YOU to achieve more flow state. I have created 22 Days of Flow to help people like you dive deeper in the specific practices I have used and trained others to master.

Sign up for 22 Days of Flow, and you’ll get 1 practice a day for 22 days.

These include breathing, meditation, visualisation, state shifting and nature immersion techniques I use to be in flow state as much as possible.

Enjoy the show!

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