It’s my pleasure to introduce a Wild Human: Fouad Kassab is a whole-foods chef and author of The Food Blog.

He’s a man who understands what living in flow is all about, and how we can re-connect to our wild ways to achieve this.

This podcast interview is a wonderful insight to the power of food on our lives, and an amazing story of overcoming challenges and finding a better way to live.

Growing up in a war-torn Lebanon, Fouad spent his formative years dodging bombs and feeding on food rations.

As a youth he had a range of auto-immune diseases, was overweight and extremely unhealthy. So he was pumped with antibiotics and had a diet dependant on international aid, heavy with highly refined flour, sugar and skim milk powder.

After moving to Australia he continued to battle health issues. Medical practitioners continued to offer no other options but to take endless rounds of medication.

Fouad began an inner journey to health. He began exploring more natural ways of healing, with food as his medicine.

In 2011 he lost 34 kilos, healed many chronic illnesses and greatly reduced symptoms of lingering ailments.

He now helps others water the seed of wildness, create a relationship with food and nature, and by doing so… heal the wounds that separate us from our true selves.

What will you learn about?

  • How wildness is the opposite of domestication, and the problem we all face in western “civilization” is one of domestication. As Fouad says: “Wildness is a seed we must water”.
  • Neotony: Neoteny in humans is the slowing or delaying of body development. Fouad says that some humans will never experience true adulthood because of domestication. It’s up to us to re-wild.
  • “Our DNA sings for this stuff”, Fouad says, referring to our inner lust to break free and live undomesticated
  • How getting natural sunlight, clean spring water, meditating are all part of a life design to re-program the “malignant code” of domestication.
  • Why Fouad feels that “veganism is a diet of affluence, and against our nature”.

How can you tap into the Wildness Within?

  1. Listen to this passionate podcast conversation about living our best lives possible, and how food plays such a beautiful role in the human experience.
  2. Connect with Fouad- Check out his website here.

  3. Fouad and Jo Whitton have created a stunning new recipe book- he was kind enough to send me a copy. It’s beautifully crafted and full of goodness. It’s available to purchase online here.

  4. Follow his foodie adventures on Instagram here

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