I have awesome news. You, my friend are a Time Lord. 

You have the power to slow down and speed up time. You also have the power to escape beyond time.

In this solo “Flow Nugget” episode I drop some solid information on how you can gain more time in your life, through the mastering of flow practices, such as meditation. 

One of the “Big 5 Factors of Flow” is “temporal distortion”, which is a fancy way of saying “time-bending”. (The other 4 are selflessness/ effortlessness/ reward/ richness of experience).

The neuroscience of flow and altered states of consciousness has helped us understand which parts of our pre-frontal cortex control our sense of time.

And guess what? When we are in flow and meditative states, these parts of the brain partially turn off. This means that when you drop deep into flow, you are no longer controlled or limited by the part of your brain that gives you a sense of linear time. This gives you a very unique kind of freedom.

But that’s not all.

When we cease to be controlled by linear clock time, we open up to another dimension. Within this dimension, amazing things can happen- you can access powers not accessible in linear time. Forget Red Bull. Meditation gives you wings! (Read on to see what I mean).

Personally, I once had the vision during an ayahuasca ceremony where I saw a vision of linear/ clock time as a narrow line of light shining through a crack in the curtains of consciousness.

When my consciousness expanded beyond the limitations of my thought and identity complex (aka my ego) the curtains of time opened up to bathe the entire room in light. This all pervasive light represents what I call “quantum time”. Within this field of light, I was able to “travel to the past” and do some awesome healing work of past wounds. I was able to vision the future in a whole new way. But yeah, I had drunk a big cup of Pachamama medicine.

Kronos & kairos

In this mini- podcast episode I explore these 2 dimensions of time.

The Greeks called them Kronos and Kairos and the Greeks liked to humanise such concepts. Kronos was depicted as an old man, plodding towards death, scythe in is hand. Kairos was depicted an elfish God with wings on his ankles, as well as on his back.

Two sets of wings! I want that one.

The ancient Indians called clock time Kala. This word denotes an interval of time, and is related to the concept of blackness and death (and the same root word as Kali, that kinky Goddess with heads around her waist).

Ritu is the other type of time, meaning “the natural order of things” or “the appropriate time for a ritual”.

My theory is that when you learn to master both, you become a “Time Lord”, capable of becoming free of the imprisonment of linear time, and capable of bending perceived reality through your state of consciousness.

What are the implications of becoming a Time Lord?

Umm.. you get to bend time. You get to escape the prison of linear time and become an inter-dimensional explorer, simply by learning how to control your consciousness.

Have you ever found yourself rushing around like a headless chicken, dominated by your growing to – do list, feeling the pressure of having so much to do, and so little time? 

Of course you have. We all have.

Well, imagine if you could slow down time, while you speed up so that instead of rushing around, you move with careful intent.

Instead of feeling rushed you feel calm. Instead of feeling like there is less time and more things to do, you feel that you can create more time, while focusing more deeply on what you are doing.

Have you ever felt that there is something un-natural about us being so enslaved to schedule, calendars, watches and deadlines?

Well, there is! For thousands of years humans have lived according to the rhythms of the sun, tides, moon, seasons and celestial events.

These events have happened “in time”. But such events guided us rather than enslaved us.

These days we divide our hours into tiny segments, count the seconds, divide our days, measure our punctuality according to a linear dimension that is just one part of the equation.

My theory is that this servitude to clock-time mutes our capabilities to exist in “quantum time”.

Interestingly, the Greek word Kairos has a secondary meaning: “The opportune moment”. Kairos describes how everything can happen in a moment. The world can change, just like that. Your fate can be decided at the drop of the hat. This is what quantum time is all about.

Learning to spend more time outside of linear time, allows us to exist on a dimension of reality where miracles can happen. This is one of the many wonderful benefits of meditating and practicing to be in flow states.

By doing so, you are developing the capacity to transcend linear time, and interface with reality from an level of consciousness in which normal limits or laws of physics do not apply. Steven Kotler’s book Rise of Superman was appropriately named. Flow practices such as meditation, visualisation, breath work, altered states exploration, dream work, plant medicine work, Shamanic work.. and more.. open us up to our superhuman powers, one of which ie s being a Time Lord.

Now get on the floor and give me 20… minutes of meditation. And if you don’t have time… sit down for 2 hours! This is Zen humour and wisdom all in one. The wisdom is that the more meditation you do, the more time will slow down, helping you to have a less busy life.

What do to next?

  1. Listen to the episode or watch the video below, and get started on becoming a Time Lord
  2. If you want to learn to meditate and you don’t know where to start, you can begin the 22 days of Flow, which contains several meditations or join FlowTribe, a community of meditators and flow-seekers.
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