The New Story: A Call to all those who share a vision of a World in Flow.

Back in 2009, I was a slave to the system, my dreams dying  as I chased the carrot of what culture called “success”.

I made a decision to stop the endless external pursuit of money and validation…  and instead explore what felt meaningful, to look within.

I followed my instincts… and eventually learned to enough from nature, wisdom holders and raw experience to “re-wild” my ideas of success, and to flow as life flows.

5 years later, in 2014 I launched Flowstate to go all-in, keep learning and to share learnings with anyone who cared to listen.

Now, on this 4 year anniversary of Flowstate… it’s time to honour a new calling:

100% commitment to supporting impact driven business founders who are in service to people and planet.

[This means FlowTribe has moved to this free Facebook group– please join if you’re interested in flow.]


So, why the shift?

There are 2 reasons. The first is because Ive realised the simple power of Going ALL IN. Not 99.99999%. It has to be 100%.

To go all in, on a path of service to the whole, places you deeply into the flow of life.

Any doubt, distortion, dilution or distraction from this path-  even if its 0.0001%- will immediately take you out of the flow of life.

This realisation cuts through doubt and distraction like a knife through hot butter.

[And I wonder… What would happen if we all went all in, on a path of contribution to the greater good?]

The second reason is the big one that I wanted to talk to you about now:

On a recent gathering of tribe in Costa Rica all confusion and decision overwhelm was obliterated by the deep remembrance of what we’re all here to do. Were here to awaken to what we are.

We are here to live in service to life itself.

The Tibetan’s speak of the prophecy of the Shambhala Warrior.

It foretold that a time would come, when humanity became utterly absorbed by the creations of the mind and the world teetered on the brink of destruction.

We are in that time; we are at that brink.

And if you’ve felt the call, and taken action on it, you’re a Shambhala Warrior. You have no uniforms or hierarchies. no guns or bombs.

We have just 2 weapons.

  1. Compassion for all life
  2. Insight into the radical interdependence of all phenomena

This is all the weaponry we need.

The compassion allows us to open our hearts to feel the pain of the world.

The insight allows us to cut through the delusion of separation, and “innerstand” the interconnected web of life we are part of.

This is where it gets interesting.

Within this web of life there are certain cultural artefacts that serve to amplify or block the flow of wisdom, and harmony with nature. These include tradition, rituals, tribes, gatherings, and all kinds of organisation.

In our time line, the most powerful and scaleable of these are businesses, particularly businesses leveraging technology to disrupt old paradigms or limits.

A business in the purest sense is no different to a tribe, a collective or a movement. It’s a group of humans converging on a shared purpose.

Up until now, most businesses have converged on a shared purpose of profit, domination and scale at the expense of all else. That was the manifestation of the collective level of consciousness humanity operated at.


FLOWSTATE XHowever… in this amazing time there is a new story unfolding

In 2018  exactly 75 years after humanity developed the nuclear technology that enabled us to self-destruct completely… we exist at a new threshold, with the technology available to connect the world.

In just the last 10 years new communication methods have allowed instant global communication. The channels and networks are clear for either what separates of what connects, to flow through them.

New algorithms, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality technologies could rip apart our hearts and minds…. or they could open up the time and space for millions and millions of humans to invest in the process and access the information required to wake up to higher levels of self-awareness and connection to the whole.

New de-centralized paradigms are emerging to show how the old paradigms do not serve the whole.

Companies like Patagonia have been at it for decades, proving that pure profit motive is ludicrous, destructive and unnecessary to thrive.

Blackrock, the mainstream investment powerhouse recently announced a major shift towards supporting businesses that contribute to the whole.

New venture capital firms and funding models are emerging to support purpose guided founders.

New business models emerge to remind us that businesses can resemble natural living organisms rather than soul-less and hierarchical machines.

Technology CEOs seek out spiritual counsel and sit in sweat lodges and plant medicine ceremonies to experience the deep healing that comes with connection with what is beyond the mind.

Philanthropists team up with philosophers, scientists and entrepreneurs to better understand how to deploy technology to global challenges.

New holders of wealth gather right now on islands to dialogue on how to support the emergence of a new world.

New breakthroughs in mind-body medicine continue to shatter previous limits to perception and self-empowerment.

And most impact-fully, more and more people each day awaken to the possibility that they have the choice whether to be a passive victim of cultural inertia… or whether to awaken to inner power and co-write a New Story.


Has there ever before been such a ripeness of opportunity?


We are entering a New Story where ancient wisdom merges freely with exponential technologies and emergent ideas.

In this New Story it is purpose driven entrepreneurs with access to capital networks – not Kings, Queens, Lords, Presidents or Popes-   who hold all the power to spread an idea.

It is purpose driven movements..  rather than religion that can provide the tribal identity we all yearn for.

It is decentralised networks rather than hierarchical power structures can spread these ideas.

It is privately held investment rather than state or church money can turn that idea into a reality.

It is the awareness of abundance rather than scarcity that filters our perspectives on life.

We’re at a tipping point in the human story.

If we tip one way… we will slide towards greater fear, greed and separation.

But if we tip the other way…. the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible could emerge and a new story could unfold in our timeline.


What is this New Story?

The New Story has 3 parts to it.

Part 1 describes the epic remembrance of what we are and what we are here to do: express life force and be in the flow of life.

Part 2 is the unfolding narrative of how groups, families, tribes, businesses and nations can catalyse greater flow through standing resolute for the greatest good.

Part 3 is the as yet un-manifested possibility of the return of economic, political and environmental systems that flow in resonant abundance with the natural order of life.

This is the spiritual rationale for the decision to re-focus Flowstate to serve entrepreneurs who serve us all.

Our highest service is to catalyse the proliferation of entrepreneurs who in turn catalyse the proliferation of businesses that catalyse the proliferation of compassion, wisdom and all that we hold sacred in our hearts.

I’d love to call in your support, whether your an entrepreneur or not.

We are all connected.. were all in this together.

We all experience the same confusion and pain and we all feel somewhere in our hearts the same yearning for tribe and support. We all face the same planetary challenges and we can all be part of the same solutions.

The Flowstate contribution will be to gather together the growth minded business founders with greatest technical, intellectual and entrepreneurial potential to create products and services that contribute to people and planet.

We will help them master the hidden dimensions of reality and walk the inner path.

If you want to help, first feel into this call and noting if it speaks to your heart.

If it does:

  1. Please share our message through the open communication channels we are blessed with
  2. Reach out to entrepreneur you know who would welcome support to scale up their impact.
  3. Share with us your ideas and inspiration to tip the balance towards the New Story.
  4. Participate in the New Story by supporting only businesses that stand for it!

Much love and deep gratitude from my over-flowing heart.

Jiro Taylor (Founder of Flowstate)


Jiro Taylor

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I'm a mystic, artist and founder of Flowstate. My jam is connecting with the source of life and joining its flow.

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