Joel Tiger de Ross is a true renaissance man.  A Tech Entrepreneur weaving together augmented/  virtual reality to create large scale music events and disaster relief projects Joel collapses the polarities of ancient and modern, jungle and Silicon Valley.

He’s also a part of a Psy-trance act, Cymatic Empire, is the founder and event director of Future Music Industry Network and is an influential figure in the Australian social entrepreneurship and virtual reality space.

Born and raised in the jungles of Sarawak, Borneo, Joel is also passionate about indigenous culture and land rights. One of his other projects, Concrete Exodus has a mission of merging the best qualities of modern and tribal society together to form a new borderless, cultural identity.

When I interviewed Joel for the Flowstate Performance podcast, he had just flown from the British Virgin islands to New York to raise awareness for Rock Against Poverty, a fundraising event initiative founded by the Vihara Foundation.

Rock Against Poverty aims to change the cultural and political attitudes towards disaster mitigation and preparedness through entertainment, and Joel had just presented to government officials in one of the most hurricane-smashed countries on earth.

After  listening to Joel’s pitch on how virtual reality and augmented reality can help prepare for disaster and disaster relief, one of the officials said: “You’ve been sent by God”.

The scope and potential of Joel’s projects can not be understated. I’ve never before met a tech founder so boldly weaving together tribal world-views and cutting edge immersive tech to solve massive global problems.

In this interview we talk about:

  •  The wisdom and world-views gained growing up in a jungle tribe
  • What it was like adjusting to 1st world urban life after living in the jungle
  • What we can learn from tribal cultures
  • His journey through gang life, drug addiction to tech entrepreneurship
  • The journey to connect technology, entrepreneurship and social impact
  • How virtual reality and augmented reality can be used to create fail-safe environments to test solutions for highly complex future scenario mapping

Joel Tiger de Ross: You Sir, are a full power LEGEND. 

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Joel’s Projects:

Joel Tiger de Ross projects


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