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TFPP 069: Megan Flamer from BlueChilli wants Tech startup founders to Thrive

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Technologies like blockchain, IoT, machine learning, AI, drones and biometrics are enabling problem-solvers to figure out new ways of doing business, in ways that enhance human interaction and connection.”

– Megan Flamer

Meet the wonderful Megan Flamer. She’s the Program Director of BlueChilli’s newest accelerator program for tech startup founders – Xcelerate.

Freshly returned from four years in San Francisco , Megan has consulted on organisational development, communications and mindfulness for some of the world’s biggest tech and media companies.

Prior to her San Francisco stint, Megan worked for more than a decade as a journalist and radio host with the ABC.

Megan is a highly regarded mindfulness consultant and has created mindfulness programs for high performance teams at Google, Facebook and HSBC.

Having seen what works for startups (and moreover, what doesn’t) in the global heart of tech in San Francisco, Megan has returned to Australia to join the team at BlueChilli, hungry to contribute to the thriving Australian startup landscape.

Key talking points in this interview

  • Despite common opinion, Megan says that many people in senior positions of huge corporates sincerely want to align with purpose driven initiatives, and are looking for ways to do this
  • Large multinational companies have huge reach and capacity to make a difference, so aligning with them is a powerful step for tech founders, visionaries and change-makers
  • By connecting the nimbleness and innovation that tech startup founders have with the reach and resources of a large multi-national, new exponential potential to create impact is created
  • There is huge pressure on tech startup founders, so its important they get support from community, and engage in self-awareness practices, like meditation and mindfulness

Key information for future Tech Startup Founders on BlueChilli & Xcelerate

BlueChilli is Australia’s largest tech startup accelerator with a team of 50 members, $800 million portfolio value and 113 startups launched.

BlueChilli and Coca-Cola Amatil launched Xcelerate, an accelerator program that will be focusing on Australian and New Zealander startups.

The Coca-Cola Amatil Xcelerate program is specifically looking for ideas in:

  • Creating a more sustainable future – for example, getting value from waste or applying biometrics;
  • Reimagining the customer experience – for example, predictive data or applying psychometric testing and neuroscience to ecommerce; or
  • Getting people what they want, when and where they want it – for example, on-demand services, blockchain, AI, or instant delivery.

According to Megan, “technologies like blockchain, IoT, machine learning, AI, drones and biometrics are enabling problem-solvers to figure out new ways of doing business, in ways that enhance human interaction and connection.”

“We think those are the businesses of tomorrow: more efficient, better for the environment, and more human.”

The successful applicants will receive $38,000 equity investment and a six-month accelerator program, with the very best going on to be eligible for up to a further $500,000 investment from BlueChilli’s venture partners and up to $200,000 potential investment from Coca-Cola Amatil.


I hope you enjoyed the interview. If you are a visionary (or emerging visionary), and you want to be surrounded by other visionaries… this is your tribe.


To watch the interview on Video, click here. 


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