Becoming a visionary entrepreneur doesn’t just happen.

You must take action, and learn specific skills to unlock your true visionary potential. Elon Musk, Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Richard Branson all share much in common. They were intentional in their approach to life and they designed it with the care of a skilled architect.

Listen in to learn HOW you can design your life to become a visionary entrepreneur.

Over the last 10 years I have designed and tested a map that takes an individual to higher states of consciousness. It’s a”hero’s journey” that has guided dozens of clients who now run 8 or 9 figure tech businesses, and of course it has helped me develop as a human and leader.

The Flow Codex™ provides the back-bone of the world-class Flowstate X mastermind, for visionary entrepreneurs. When you listen to me guide you through the map, imagine a tree with these 3 stages:

  1. Roots (self-awareness)
  2. Trunk (self-mastery)
  3. Fruit. (Self-expression)

The Flow Codex - visionary entrepreneur




  • Tranquility of mind is the starting point and the essential first step to developing self-awareness. In Flowstate X members learn powerful meditation techniques to develop peace of mind
  • Awareness and cultivation of energy is the next step. In Flowstate X, you are taught movement methods passed down from ancient China that help a human build up incredible amounts of energy. Food, water, sunlight, sleep and sex play a crucial role in the development of energy, so we advise our clients on how to best absorb energy from these sources. With high energy you can fuel limitless personal and company growth.
  • Connecting with Authentic meaning is crucial if you want to live in flow and build a company of meaning. You must ask the hard questions. We guide founders to ask the most POWERFUL questions, the ones that offer the most raw and real responses.


  • In stage 2, we move to the external elements of life design. The 1st step is to embed rock solid habits. We teach our clients how to “win the morning and win the day”. We also teach habits that allow instant state shifting, deep mindfulness and optimal preparation for the deepest sleep and powerful dreams.
  • Connecting with Nature is the next step on the path to Flow Mastery. We take our clients to a level of nature connection few ever experience. We draw from ancient Shamanic wisdom to help Flowstate X members draw power from nature and to find deep peace and restoration. Connecting deeply with nature allows for a level of power that goes way beyond the thinking mind. You’re intuitive and instinctive intelligence systems get re-kindled. You get to take your full natural powers into the boardroom meetings.
  • Nourishing relationships help us achieve sustainable growth. You must have multi-dimensional relationships to reach your potential. Peers, elders, those a few steps behind you are some of the types of relationship that nourish you in different ways. You become who you are surrounded by, which is why Flowstate X surrounds entrepreneurs with fellow visionaries at differing stages of the journey. Long term growth requires constant inspiration and accountability from your tribe. When you have it, you are NEVER alone.


  • Now we are getting to the fruit of your expression as a human and founder. Your creative expression will naturally emerge. Flowstate X helps nurture it. We give you a platform to share your expression and encouragement to go deeper
  • Disruptive innovation is our natural state when we free our minds. In contrast, the acceptance of the status quo is a robotic, neutered state of being. When you grow, you will start to see countless opportunities ripe for disruption.
  • Systematic contribution is the final stage on this “hero’s journey”. Your desire to give all you can to people and planet will be natural and unstoppable. Just as a mighty tree gives it shade, seed, fruit, nuts and oxygen, so you will naturally want to contribute to the eco-system around you. This is truly purpose-driven leadership.


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I'm a mystic, artist and founder of Flowstate. My jam is connecting with the source of life and joining its flow.

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