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Listen in to this fascinating interview with Penny Locaso to understand how to future-proof your happiness and humanise the future of work.

Penny shares her views on how artificial intelligence, singularity and exponential technology could impact humanity, and the threat we face unless we develop certain key skills, such as human connection, curiosity and the space to ask the deep questions.

Who is Penny Locaso?

“Penny Locaso is the world’s first Happiness Hacker, on a mission to teach ten million women and girls, by 2025, how to future-proof happiness.

She was recently voted the most influential female entrepreneur in Australia by The Age & Sydney Morning Herald. Partnering with corporations like, SalesForce, General Assembly, The Department Of Defence, LuluLemon Athletica, Australia Post, ANZ, Medibank, Penny is transforming lives and organisations, by humanising the future of work.

Three years ago, Penny turned her life upside down. In a 7-month period, she left a 16-year career as an executive, relocated a family from Perth back to Melbourne, left an 18-year relationship, and started BKindred. When Penny couldn’t find a global education company that could skill her to future-proof her happiness, she went out and created one.”

Choice quotes from the interview


  • “Mental well-being of corporate executives is at an all-time crisis”.
  • “The rate of loneliness has doubled in the last 20 years.”
  • “I never say I’m busy- I’m positively occupied”.
  • “I don’t want my son to think that success is ego, validation and money”.


Penny’s Vision (as shared on the podcast):

“To make aware as many influential people as possible the reality of technology and artificial intelligence and about what the future looks like, so we can create the future we want for our children.”

“To future proof the happiness of 10 million women by 2025.”


Key takeaways

  • The #1 fear by far that keeps people trapped in unfilling work is fear of financial instability
  • When Penny asks people: “What’s the one thing you would change if you had no fear?”… people break down.
  • Micro-bravery and taking small steps to face fear
  • Artificial intelligence could be our last technology.
  • Learn how to do DEEP WORK



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