The experience of deep surfing flow has been one of the most amazing elements of my life. The ocean is my number 1 Temple of Flow. Surfing is my main flow practice.

Someone asked me the other day how I learned about flow. My reply: Nature and raw experience.

Books and podcasts are great.. but nothing beats the experience of flow states- especially when you let them soak in by reflecting on them, talking about them, writing on them and then going for more.

On episode 073 of the Flowstate podcast I share a diary entry from a few years ago, when I was on a surf adventure with 2 friends.

When I found this diary entry, reading it gave me such vivid memories and almost the feeling of surfing. So I wanted to share it with you.

Im very curious about your flow experiences. If you feel like writing a piece about them, let me know. Maybe we could start a “Humans of Flow” experiment to capture the essence of human potential in some kinda creative way.

flowstate x

Jiro Taylor

Author Jiro Taylor

I'm the founder of Flowstate and the host of FlowTribe. I'm on a mission to live in the flow of life and contribute to this beautiful planet we live on. My work is in helping others achieve sustainable inner growth, and working with CEO's and businesses to optimise meaning, performance and positive impact. Personally, I find my flow through writing, coaching founders, and playing in the oceans, jungles and forests of the world.

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