I believe that meditation and mindfulness is the most powerful and transformative practice anyone can embark on. It is the core to living in the flow of life.

If you want to truly understand what you are capable of, you must meditate. It’s that simple.

In my personal life meditation more than anything has led me closer to my full potential and has is at the foundation of developing “flow consciousness”, the capacity to merge with the flow of life. It has helped me understand who I am, and then express that through my work, expression, relationships and vision.

The work I have done with CEOs and tech founders has led to an increasing understanding that for all humans, meditation holds the key to inner peace, mental clarity, joy and fulfillment. On a recent retreat for CEOs, we meditated twice a day…. and they all wanted MORE meditation as it felt so amazing to be still, silence and in peace. From that place emerged lucid and powerful visions.

But I still meet so many people who have never meditated or do so without depth. Why is that?

I guess many people can not understand how sitting quietly for a few minutes a day changes anything.

Describing the effects of meditation is a bit like trying to describe the feelings of falling in love with someone. You can give it a go. But to really understand it, you have to experience it.

What exactly is meditation?

Meditation is a systematic training method for the mind. Over time, through consistent practice we actually change the neurological profile of the brain. Some parts will grow, others will shrink. Some parts will start to communicate better with others. I know this sounds crazy, but its true.

Meditation is simply about being yourself and knowing something about who that is. It is about realising that you are on a path whether you like it or not- the path of your life, the inner path.

Some benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

· Becoming fully present, here and now… and experiencing deeper flow

· To be more connected to yourself, to others and to the natural world

· Shrinking the parts of your brain that lead to hypersensitivity to stress

· To become less judgemental of self and others

· To experience uncomfortable/vulnerable thoughts and feelings safely

· To develop kindness, compassion and courage

Listen in to dive deeper into how meditation can super-charge your life.


Links to help you meditate

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