josh stinton flowstate In a nutshell, Josh Stinton does crazy hard shit that takes months to train for and induces great amounts of pain, suffering and fear so that he can raise as much awareness as possible for charities that help children.

His mission is to help small charities help more people.

In his quest to raise awareness for these charities he has taken on the hardest cross-country ski race (without ever setting foot on snow before), the most brutal mountain bike challenge, uni-cycled in a down-hill off-road unicycle race, and is planning to travel the length of Japan… on a hand-cycle.

Nutter. Legend. Inspiration.

What is Josh’s Vision for the future: “Where people look at helping others in need not as an opportunity but as a responsibility.”

What is this episode all about?

  • How to use mindset and vision to do good around the world.
  • Josh’ next charity challenge-  crossing the entire length of Japan on a hand-cycle
  • The secret to harnessing INTRINSIC motivation and the power of meaning

Links to Josh Stinton’s project: – Outspire

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