Jemmita Gawned (aka Jemma) is a modern day ceremony holder and traveller, carrying with her the wisdom of the Andean Shamanic Path of Peru. I see ourselves as kindred spirits, both bridging the 2 worlds and sharing ancient wisdom with the modern world.

Jemmita has gone ALL IN on her journey. (Btw- this is the only way).

After hearing and feeling “the call” (we speak on this during the podcast) she has gained extensive experience working with, facilitating and practising ritual and Ceremony.

She spends many months a year learning from her teachers in Peru and taking guided groups on pilgrimages into the Andes Mountains.


On this episode, Jiro and Jemmita dialogue on the beauty of this wisdom tradition and what it can teach us:

  • What it feels like to “hear the call”
  • How ceremony is a Celebration of Life
  • Our connection to the Earth, each other and especially to ourselves is so often missing in our busy modern lives.
  • Through cultivating a reverent and grateful connection to nature through Ceremony and service, we in turn become more in alignment with our true nature
  • Giving and receiving brings us to remembering that we are Powerful Beings  and Co-Creators.
  • When we liberate ourselves from anything that holds us back, we remember that we are Limitless!

This is wisdom that most have forgotten, so it brings me great joy to share this with the Flowstate community.

We will both be in Peru in October 2018 for a sacred FlowQuest. If you feel it, email me- [email protected]

Links for Jemmita and her work

Anchoring the Light


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