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Mikey Siegel personifies the convergence of technology and consciousness more than anyone.

He spends his life “working to create tools that facilitate people’s own path toward higher consciousness, self-realization, awakening, however it is you may describe the experience of transcendence.”

Mikey’s belief is that we all have the potential to live peaceful and harmonious lives. However doing so this requires us to understand our minds. It helps if we understand something of the nature of reality as well.

We know we can change how our brains work and we know it’s possible to train ourselves in ways that help us suffer less. And that’s why Mikey works to create tools that help humans experience more joy and connectedness and less stress and suffering.

He does this through 3 main initiatives he has founded or co-founded:

  1. The Consciousness Hacking movement
  2. The Trans-Tech conference
  3. Bio-fluent Technologies

My interview with Mikey Siegel

I’m happy to say this was one of the most flowing and nourishing interviews I’ve yet had. Mikey was open to meandering into philosophical rabbit-holes and his eloquence, humor and intellect made him a joy to dance with.

It wasn’t until the last 10 minutes that we got around to talk about technology. We were having too much fun talking about spirituality, synchronicity, and how to increase harmony with the natural rhythms of life.

We spoke of our “knowing intelligence” and paid honor to the beauty of rationality and reasoning.

Mikey helped me contextualize artificial intelligence by dropping into the field the idea of a “profoundly loving and compassionate AI”. Technology after all, is part of nature.

How is technology like AI and Machine learning Natural?

Mikey defines technology as “aspects of human expression grounded in science.

This helped me dispel the fearful view of AI running amok, and refined my understanding of the power of such technology to channel human expression that emerges from higher consciousness.

Mikey shared with me a quote that is part of the Constitution of UNESCO, which declares:

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.”

And this is where Mikey and I shared such common ground. Both working with the minds of men (and women), both determined to integrate cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom, both exploring consciousness expansion in individuals and groups as the path to a more beautiful future.

It was an honor to dive deep with Mikey: I know you will enjoy this podcast immensely.

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