The body is your friend; it is not your enemy. Listen to its language, decode its language, and by and by, as you enter into the book of the body and you turn its pages, you will become aware of the whole mystery of life.



Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in your head? The solution is to come into your body. This is an essential part of mastering meditation. (Click the player above to listen to this episode).

Paying attention to our present moment experience includes observing sensations in the body. This is what we call Body Awareness. Mastering body awareness leads to greater emotional intelligence-  the ability to process emotions and to sense into situations. This ability is key to unleashing your human potential.

For many people in our culture, especially those stuck in offices, living sedentary existences detachment from body awareness is the norm.

Many people are literally stuck in their heads, walking around like disembodied brains.


What is the effect of being stuck in our heads and detached from body awareness?

We see the effects on our bodies with ailments, illnesses, aches and pains. All too often in this society, we are living out of touch with the body and recent research show this is the core of many illnesses.

Where our attention goes, our energy flows.  When we get stuck in our heads, we are often living in fear or craving. We want to avoid something or have something whether it‘s possessions, status, pride, security.

For years, I was totally disconnected from my body.

There was a time in my life where I abused it, with all sorts of habits and vices. And surprise, surprise. I could not hear its wisdom. Now, my body is my temple.

Every time I  feel stressed or anxious, that’s my thinking mind doing its thing. I have a safe refuge in my body.

These days I find peace through body awareness by connecting with what I am beyond thoughts and plugging into the life force that flows through my body.



Tips on how to develop body awareness 

-Learn to tune in to what is already there: practice mindfulness

-Create space and stillness to allow body sense to emerge: mindfulness/meditation/nature/solitude

-Change mental habits of emotional repression and avoidance (more on this next week)


Home practice:

  • Listen to the 4 access points guided meditation, and do this or the other meditations every day, 20 minutes
  • Pay attention to feelings.. even the painful ones; instead of running away from them or masking them with something, stay with them, sense them in your body
  • Take time to feel your body. Take your shoes off… walk on the earth, have a cold shower… use the first thing in the morning to feel the sensations in your body
  • Try and go a week without looking at or reading any media.
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