What is the Hero’s Journey?

Joseph Campbell was an anthropologist who studied myth all over the world. He noticed that all over the world, among different people living different lives, on different continents, in different era’s the same myths and stories being passed from generation to generation.

He defined these myths as maps for the psyche to provide guidance and inspiration throughout life: The soul journey, spiritual teachings. If we think about many popular stories from The Lion King, to King Arthur, to Star Wars and the Matrix… they all contain the classic Hero’s Journey.

My entire 20s was a Hero’s journey, a struggle to be free. In my quest to be “successful”, I was smashed around on a repetitive cycle of search → disillusionment→  choice→  struggle. I desired freedom, of course. Caught in the rat race of the corporate world, I felt trapped in life. So over a period of years, I systematically tried to free myself.

This is what I achieved:

• Freedom from an unhealthy relationship

• Freedom from responsibility

• Freedom from a job or boss

• Freedom from office politics

• Freedom to play when I want

• Freedom to go where I want when I want

• Freedom to buy what I want

But I was still unfree.

Finally, after enough times of smashing my head against the wall of disillusionment and struggle, I broke through. I fell into the abyss, and at the bottom, in the space and stillness caused by pain and confusion, I looked at myself.

I asked myself questions I never had before. And I learned to meditate. Every day.

In learning to meditate, I learned to see what lay beyond the thinking mind. I learned to come home to my true self. I learned that true freedom is found is simple awareness,  in acceptance of what is, in the reassuring understanding of the inter-connection of everything.

Uncontrolled by the chaotic whims of my mind, I joined the flow of life. Listen to this episode to learn:

  • more about this journey
  • how you too can build meditation into a spiritually fulfilling life path
  • what spirituality really is
  • the quantum world of infinite possibility that meditation open you up to

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