Matt Belair is on the path to self-mastery. We met 2 years ago at a birthday party in Los Angeles, and it was clear from the get-go we were going to be life-long friends and allies.

Matt walks the talk. His perception of self-mastery is one of deep spiritual inquiry, consciousness exploration as well as building mental and physical fortitude.

Matt has done some incredible things in his life, and I respect the way he tracks down the masters he wants to learn from, including Nepalese meditation masters, Shaolin monks and indigenous elders holding deep wisdom.

Right now, Matt is training with David Lone Bear Sanipass, who is teaching him the “star teachings” and passing on profound insights into the nature of reality.

Join us on this flow dialogue to hear some of Matt’s philosophies on developing self-mastery, the power we have as humans and how to create a life of constant growth and evolution.


Matt Belair’s Bio:

Living a life dedicated to acquiring the skills and knowledge to help others on their paths to greatness, has brought Matt Belair to a level of expertise attained by few. With experience in fields ranging from mental fortitude, Zen, the pursuit of inner peace and positive living, martial arts, marketing, snowboarding, and travel to neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, sport psychology, life coaching, and conscious living, he is equipped to support you in whatever you aspire to achieve.

A one of a kind author, speaker and conscious thought leader and podcast host, Matt believes in potential. His own, yours, everyone’s. Seeing the possibilities in someone’s life is his greatest gift. He knows we can all be great, and so there is nothing that despairs him more than to see someone suffer or settle for mediocrity. and nothing that brings him more joy than to witness them achieve their highest potential. He has incredible vision and see’s the un-ignited potential in every individual. Matt is truly special because he has the rare ability to help others see, believe, and create that inherent potential within themselves.

Matt has traveled the world and put himself in the fire to test his knowledge and his limits. He spent time in Nepal studying meditation with Buddhist monks and survived a near death experience while trekking Everest. Traveled the world as a professional snowboard coach, trained mixed martial arts with pro fighters in Thailand. He has learned the secrets to becoming an effective and powerful leader, speaker and trainer under the guidance of mentor Michel Losier, the best selling author of the Law of Attraction, and spent time in China training with 34th Generation Shaolin Monks, just to name some of his incredible experiences.

This wealth of experience and training have lead Matt to a high level of coaching proficiency in the fields of sport psychology, self development and awareness, marketing, the law of attraction, and meditation.


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