In Paradise I find plastic, poverty and pain

It hurts me deep, I feel humanities shame

Theres a war on I’m sure and I want to blame

Greedy suits or politicians with agendas the same

But what’s the path of higher wisdom?

To scream, point fingers, shake my fist or

Perceive subtle ways I participate in

A global web, a unified system. 

Were all together spinning under the sun

We all shit, laugh, cry- face fears… or run

Our behaviour emerges based on work we’ve done

To expand our awareness that we are all one

So when I see the pain what am I to do?

Do I look within or blame it on you?

Do I heal my pain or externalise my view

Do I take sides in the old system or stand for the new?

The beauty of pain is what it makes clear

Our heart cracks open revealing our fear

Raw like orgasm cutting through veneer

We’ve manifested climax to awaken here. 

Perhaps Earth laughs to see us fret

Maybe her and the sun have a cheeky bet

Perhaps its her ploy to help us remember

The choice is always struggle or surrender. 

So whats the path- do we give up the fight? 

Fuck no- we go within and shift our sight

We draw power from the heart for the long dark nights

We collapse all polarity and accept all is right

He’s right and she’s right but they’re also both wrong

Paradox abounds when the ego is done

Were all life expressing energy from the sun

The war has no sides when all is one

I can talk about evil or create life inspiring

I can complain about the dark or keep on shining

I can spend my life fucked off about pollution

Or I can get moving to be the solution. 

And so I see the wood for the trees

Its always been purely about me

I know a Brave New World is gonna be

But first I must win the inner battle to be free

Can I stand up as a being of pure light?

Can I be the change by always doing whats right?

Can I stay open and love when the pain is near?

Can I trust, surrender and flow through the fear?

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Jiro Taylor

Author Jiro Taylor

I'm a mystic, artist and founder of Flowstate. My jam is connecting with the source of life and joining its flow.

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