Do you want inspiration & life-tested ideas to help you design your most meaningful and potent life?

Well, you better look beyond mainstream culture, as what you will find there is a grossly warped sense of “success” and a bizarre choice of “celebrity” heroes.

At Flowstate, we challenge the status quo, and re-define success as an inner state of freedom, flow and fulfilment that leads to outer impact, purpose and contribution.

We believe that a life of adventure, constant inner growth, and expression through meaningful business, is the path to our most purposeful lives.

This podcast is designed to show YOU, how you can create this state, step up and be part of the solutions we need as a species.

Season 1 of The Flowstate Performance Podcast (episodes 000-049) explored the lives of entrepreneurs, adventurers, modern-day super-heroes such as Wim Hof, and others who in their own way embody the principle that inner state drives outer reality.

Season 2, will stay on point exploring the theme of “how to design our most potent lives” but will focus more on conscious entrepreneurs who are making a direct contribution to elevate humanity. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in this quest.

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What you will learn:

  1. The science of flow and peak performance
  2. The philosophy of flow, expanded awareness and how to live a better life
  3. How YOU can design a life that flows

We have conversations with people that span topics such as:

  • The science and philosophy of peak performance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • New models of business, society and culture
  • Pathways to flow
  • Human optimisation and self mastery
  • Self-actualisation
  • The fascinating intersection of spirituality and science

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