Do you want to listen to a bull-shit free podcast that explains HOW to approach self-development?

We launched this podcast because we couldn’t find another show that connected the dots between inner state and outer impact.

We got tired of over-hyped glorification of wealth and hustle. Too many shows featuring the same old people made us yawn.

We felt called to highlight a new kind of hero – perhaps one you’ve never heard of.

The underground legends of deep self-awareness, and commitment to inner growth, who care less about fame than tasting the sweet nectar of inner peace and fulfilment.

So, now you have the chance to listen in on some awesome free-flowing dialogues with spiritual seekers, conscious entrepreneurs, adventurers, movement pioneers like Simon Thakur, modern-day super-heroes such as Wim Hof, and others who in their own way embody the principle that inner state drives outer reality.

Listen in to get deep into their habits, mind-sets, training practices and philosophies on flow.

What you will learn:

  1. The science of flow and peak performance
  2. The philosophy of flow, expanded awareness and how to live a better life
  3. How YOU can design a life that flows

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