Human noise, 

battle lines being drawn

Your way, my way

I’m right, your wrong

Left or right, 

Good versus evil

Vaxx, no-vaxx

Climate change or denial.

Can we not see 

The way the mind demands it be

Black and white judgement is its base-code,

Its craves this identity

But the vibes of dualistic sides will always narrow perception

2 fangs of fear poisoning spiritual expression

Ancient parts of the brain get triggered

Turning our reality binary,

Fight the opposition… or run away blindly.

Both stories limit our potential

We’re born of this earth, in a universe exponential

Within us is wildness far beyond the mind

That navigates torus, circle, spiral… but never straight lines.

The question were being asked

Is not “how can we survive?”

When we listen through our hearts

Its: “How can we THRIVE?”

How can we expand

When the end of this road is near?

How can we lead from love

When all around us is fear? 

The answer is in listening

To an ancient story

This song of the earth

Flowing through every cell of our body

A romance story in which we fall deeper in love

A heroic quest to remember all that we are,

In this great myth passed down for millennia

She is our mother and when we heal self we heal her

The myth of the earth calls on us to hold

The frequency of harmony, a note so bold

That we expand like the universe, come together as one

We become the light, and shine like the sun.

Jiro Taylor

Author Jiro Taylor

I'm a mystic, artist and founder of Flowstate. My jam is connecting with the source of life and joining its flow.

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