Not long ago I attended a gathering of indigenous leaders, musicians and wisdom holders from around the world

As I listened the knowing deepened: There are many words but only one song.

There are many signposts but there is only one direction.

It goes deep within, from the mind to the heart.

It leads towards greater integration of all that makes us human beings.

It cultivates a connection with the source of life.

It doesn’t matter if you call this source the sun, Pachamama, Zeus, Yahweh, Allah, Great Spirit, God, Nature, the universe, your true self, higher consciousness… or Alan.

The one path of the heart takes you towards a deeper knowing and honouring that we are nature, we are part of the whole, and that all ideologies that serve to separate us from each other and us from nature are tragic inventions of the human mind.

The gathering of wisdom keepers from around the world was to share and honour an extremely important message.

We are in a new era. A new Dreaming.

This transition is told in many different stories and prophecies around the world.

Uncle Magpie Yerrubilgin, an elder and song man of the local area put it simply:

“The time of Grandfather dreaming is over. The time of Grandmother dreaming has begun”.


We are entering a period of great transformation and healing…. if we so choose it. We are also entering a period of a new kind of “inner leadership”.

The time of Grandfather dreaming represents the era dominated by masculine/ patriarchal systems, practices, mindsets and cultures.

The time of Grandmother dreaming refers to a new era in which feminine/ matriarchal systems, practices, mindsets and cultures are honoured and embedded.

The shift can also be spoken of as a journey to integrate the head (masculine) and the heart (feminine).


In the Amazon and Andes, there is a prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. It forewarns of human societies splitting into two paths – that of the Eagle, and that of the Condor.

The path of the Condor is the path of heart, of intuition and knowing- the feminine.

The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, of the industrial, mechanical, rational and analytic. This is the masculine.

The Eagle and Condor prophecy says that the 1490s would begin a 500 year period during which the Eagle people would become so powerful that they would almost eliminate the Condor people.

The colonisation and genocide of so many people in the name of monarchies, ego, power and greed (masculine/ patriarchal energy) in the subsequent 500+ years bear testament to this prophecy.

We can also see the burning of witches, the desecration of nature because of an obsession with growth, scale and capitalistic (cock-like buildings &) domination through the lens of this prophecy.

The prophecy says that during the next 500-year period, beginning in 1990, the potential would arise for the Eagle and the Condor to fly in the same sky.

This integration of masculine and feminine energies/ ideas/ leadership would create a new level of consciousness for humanity.

And so when Uncle Magpie sat in ceremony and called in the Dreamtime of the Grandmother he was sharing a common knowing amongst those who live in connection to nature: we are living in a time of uprising and integration of feminine energy.

As I sat around the fire of the closing ceremony I closed my eyes and sunk into the feeling of this transition. It felt like a time of healing.

It feels like we are all connected by the yearning for healing, as pained witnesses to our planetary home plundered for profit and power.

With open eyes, we can all see the Dreamtime changing… albeit slowly and painfully.

Women’s rights and opportunities have increased (a long way to go).

In a couple of years, I’ve seen the prize money for female tennis players and female surfers reach parity- which may seem small, but isn’t this what the big is made of?

In boardrooms and governments, women slowly gain more seats.

Companies and organisations that stand for healing and sustainable practices gain more attention and customers.

In workshops and ceremonies (and bedrooms) across the world, men and women experience the 2 energies flowing through them.

Schoolboys (in some places) learn that they can cry.

Men (in some places) gather to remember and honour that being a man is not being “manly”.

Women courageously step up to claim their sovereignty in new and emerging ways.

Permaculture, minimalism, farm to table, tiny homes, care economy, rites of passage,  women’s circles, breath work, meditation, yoga, plant medicines, sustainability, Tantra and a thousand more movements and philosophies capture our deep yearning to nurture, nourish and re-balance the primal forces that flow within.

We all love the female NZ Prime Minister because she just feels like a leader who leads from the heart.

Several females (including indigenous ones) have recently been elected to Congress in the US.

Marianne Williamson (a spiritual teacher and meditation advocate) recently announced she will run for the office of President of the USA…. and we all dropped into collective wonder and hope.

Before we get carried away…..

Yes, Donald is still there in the highest office of political leadership on the planet. Yes, Brexit happened. Yes, that male nut-job in Brazil just got elected.

Yes, the far-right bucks and screams. Yes, leaders are being elected on platforms of separation and fear.

Perhaps the death throes of a dying level of consciousness. Perhaps not.

The reality is…  it is up to us which way we go.  Mighty You and I.

Try as we might to externalise and point fingers at evil companies, decrepit systems and despotic leaders… it is within each of us that the battle rages.

We all know it. This is an inside job.



We are the leaders of our own lives- and we must heal to fulfil our collective destiny.

The quality of our leadership comes down to how we integrate the masculine and feminine energies that flow through us all.

It comes down to whether the Eagle and Condor fly together in the skies within… whether we are embodiments of the Grandmother dreaming.

It comes down to how we answer questions like these:

Are you trying to fix yourself, like a beat-up old car?…

Do you measure yourself, like a piece of meat?

Are you striving for more… and more… and more?

Do you fill empty space with more doing?

Do you approach your personal growth like an equation to solve?

Do you approach your healing like a surgeon with a scalpel?

Are you trying to heal?

Are you trying to grow?

Are you trying and trying and trying?

Do you DO DO DO DO DO?

Are you exhausted or frustrated on this journey of life?

Have you forgotten what spaciousness, inner peace and just BEING feels like?

Ahhhh. Let’s take a deeeeeeep breath in…… and let it go…. Shoooooooh.


Here is some of my truth from my experience and some wisdom of the Elders.

The masculinised “Personal Growth” journey in our culture is a goal-oriented and mechanical process- eg. “6 steps to loving yourself”.

“Read Power of Now… tick.

Learn meditation. Tick.

Change my limiting beliefs… tick.

Do more meditation. Tick.

Give myself a hard time if I don’t. Tick.

Sure, this approach might get you somewhere. Maybe it will lead to 6 figures, a 6 pack, 6 weeks of inner peace and 6 million more manifestations of surface level results.

Don’t get me wrong… I know there is a place for pounding out work, and crushing goals with relentless fury and warrior discipline, while measuring and analysing the f*ck out of everything you do in a quest to drive incrementally higher results.

Yeah, discipline is one path to freedom.

However, discipline and drive (masculine energy) that doesn’t emerge from the soil of space, self-knowledge and self-acceptance (feminine energy) will grind you down and de-humanize you like a drill- Sergeant in a military boot camp.

Logic and analysis is obviously very powerful and important. But without being held and guided by the intuitive knowing of feminine energies, this path will turn you into a cog in a machine.

We can’t “masculine” our way to healing.

“Healing” in a goal-driven, directional, penetrative, clinical, analytical, masculine way is NOT true healing.

Without the feminine energies to soften and guide this process, it becomes self-abuse.

And so we must learn to integrate the masculine and feminine energies that flow within us from the source of life.

True healing begins with the embodiment of feminine energy. This requires TIME & SPACE.

In the slowing down and opening up to “beingness” magic happens- it’s the same magic we see in nature- seeds sprouting, fruit ripening, mothers birthing.  

The softening, expanding into deeper states of compassion, nurturance and humanness is a becoming. This is the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

The hard must be softened so it can flow. The soft must be given form and direction so it can flow.

We create in the womb of our consciousness- beliefs, feelings and emotions- (feminine).

And we direct our thoughts, decisions and actions into structure, systems and form- (masculine).

This leads to reactions and results…. new energy… which conceives once again in the womb of creation …. and so on, in an ever-flowing spiral.

This is the Yin-Yang that makes up the whole. This is the fractal of life.

This is the Natural Law of reciprocal Giving & Receiving that we observe in ecosystems and loving relationships.


This transition we are collectively moving into involves the INTEGRATION of masculine and feminine energies into “inner leadership”- the path of expression from our wholeness.

This is the practice of Living in Flow.  This is what see as the new paradigm of leadership. It starts by becoming the leader of your own life and naturally evolves into other forms of leadership as those around you feel your wholeness and integration.

To understand and integrate the energies that flow within- this is the work we do for us,  for our ancestors and for our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s great-grandchildren and for all life.

with love & hope,


p.s If you yearn to learn how to develop as an Integrated Leader – get in touch. This map will give you an overview of what I see as the path.

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