Flowstate Vision Quest

Discover who you really are.

A Vision Quest is a rite of passage and sacred journey honoured by many cultures across the world.


Its purpose is to reveal the truth of who you are.

The Flowstate Vision Quest is a unique 7-day experience that blends our years of work researching human potential and flow-consciousness with indigenous North American, South American and Australian shamanic traditions, lore, wisdom and medicines.

We are honoured to hold our Vision Quests on sacred initiation country, wild landscapes that play a central role in the creation stories of many indigenous tribes of Australia.

This Vision Quest is not for the faint of heart- this is an enchanting yet gritty journey into wilderness and your own psyche.

However, no prior experience of wilderness survival or spiritual seeking is necessary. The power of the Vision Quest is in working in harmony with nature for her to do the healing and the teaching.

All that is required from you is the willingness to show up to the threshold… and step in.

If you feel the call, you will know it. There will be some natural trepidation, but you will feel a sense of calling to this rite of passage.

We welcome you to honour that calling by getting in touch or going deeper.

When is the Flowstate Vision Quest?

The next Flowstate Vision Quest is October 26- November 2nd. After that, we Quest in April 2020.

Where is the Vision Quest?

We Quest on sacred country situated on the edges of Yengo National Park, 2 hours north-west of Sydney, NSW, Australia. This country has been part of initiation practices for up to 15,000 years. Yengo, the mountain that holds the space is the centre of all creation, according to local lore.

After years of working in this area, holding ceremony and paying deep respect to the ancestors and spirits of this country, we feel supported, protected and blessed to do this sacred work here.

What is the schedule?

The entire experience is 7 days.

The first and last 2-days are spent in reparation and integration. The middle 3-days are the wilderness vigil, spent in solitude, with nothing but water, shelter, clothing… and of course the sun, moon, stars, animals, minerals, plants and spirits of the land.

What happens on the Solo ceremony?

You will be fasting from food and things familiar to you.

But you will be feasting on natural beauty, the rawness of the elements and the dance with your soul. The power of this ceremony is in the stopping back of all that is inessential, all layers of distraction from the present moment.

In this place of spaciousness, time slows down or becomes an abstract notion.

You drop deeply into the present moment, and enter a sacred dance between the inner and outer landscapes of your life. What happens from here is your business. Sacred business.

What support will you have?

On every step of this sacred journey, you will be supported by the Flowstate team of trained facilitators.

Our promise to you is that we will do all we can to allow you to safely commit to this time-honoured path to reveal your soul purpose and unique genius.

Jiro Taylor and Leon Cossar are your Quest Protectors. Jiro has quested many times in many ways and offers protection on a multi-dimensional level.

Leon Cossar is a qualified Quest Protector under a highly respected First Nations North American lineage, as well as an outdoorsman and cosmic journeyer of great experience.

We have other hand and heart-selected support staff that help us retain the highest possible levels of safety on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

We also offer you the option of more intensive 1:1 mentoring before or after the quest.

All of our years of work focuses on one primary goal:

To hold SAFE SACRED SPACE for your remembrance of what you are.

If you are ready to step into your power and follow the call of your soul to Quest, we would be honoured to share your journey with you.

Book a call with Leon by emailing [email protected]

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jiro leon flowstate

The power of ceremony and vulnerability combined with a group of open minded people is just dynamite for leveling up consciousness.

The FlowQuest was a fulcrum moment in my life. It served as an anchor that helped me pivot into the most beautiful and natural direction change. I am forever different as a result.

Steve BrophyEntrepreneur, educator, Coach

The hike, the swim, the chats, the laughter, the hugs the new friendships, just meeting other warriors. The Flow Quest was a beautiful, deep and sacred adventure into the unknown.

Colin HewittTech Founder

I learned the importance of real conversations and surrounding myself with self-aware people. Learning the power of breath.

I would describe this experience as a rare opportunity to rip yourself out of everyday life, connect with nature and people on their own quest for self-awareness, nourish yourself, and allow space for new thinking (potentially a new “you”!) to emerge.

Ben ReidStart-Up Founder & Advisor

The space held by this group made it so easy to drop into flow, and enabling the deepest and most profound levels of self exploration. The Flow Quest was a life-changing exploration of self, a journey to honour the beauty of life in the most raw and authentic manner.

Leslie LauWisdom-seeker