Wild Wisdom

Mentoring & Community to Guide you to the Depths Within

The world tilts toward chaos. Humanity rolls deeper into fear.

My friend, are you yet aware of the gaping wound?

This wound is the bleeding chasm between what is and what our hearts know is possible.

Crossing this divide is the sacred journey that connects us to the whole and cracks us open to our most beautiful life.


Have you asked the universe: Why? How? When? Who?

You know the answer.

You are the human part of nature.


Now is the time to rise up.

The old stories tell us that transformation on the individual level is necessary before the collective change is possible.

Your Being knows you have more to give back to life.

Your Soul is yearning to be set free and fly.  

The Earth invites you to become her guardian.


This is the call to unleash your Wild Wisdom.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

In ancient times. Or as the old stories say: Once upon a time…

In the time before time, before language, there was the song of creation. There was the flow of life force energy.

The starry night sky reminded us of where we came from and the wisdom of Elders kept alive the song of the Earth.

Initiation was the sacred temple of death and re-birth that revealed one’s deepest wounds and one’s genius.

But then, cast adrift by their own thinking minds, the great amnesia began – the separation from nature.

Humans fell out of belonging in life and the tilt toward imbalance, destruction and chaos began.

And now we find ourselves at a delicate threshold.

We live in the most remarkable age of all time.

In this time of The Great Turning, the bell of scientific prediction meets the drum of ancient prophecy.

More aware than ever before of our capacity to create and destroy life, we are invited to collectively initiate. 

Life asks if we can remember, transcend, unite…  can we melt our minds into our hearts?

Can we remember who we really are?

How can we become custodians of the Earth and guardians of the sacred?

How can we transcend fear and come to a more peaceful, poetic and powerful place within?

Our Invitation to You

We invite you into your Wild Wisdom.


Come sit by our fire. 

Pierce with us through the veils.

Dance with us in the sacred web of interconnection.

Explore with us the forest of imagination.

Journey with us towards a fuller expression of all that we are.

Are you ready to go deeper?

This is a 9 month journey into soul. 

Walk the pathless path & discover how to:

  • Activate your wild inner tuition
  • Re-wild & train your mind
  • Transform life through ritual and ceremony
  • Communicate with the invisible realm & more than human world
  • Master the natural codes of reciprocity & abundance
  • Navigate non-ordinary states of consciousness
  • Enter imaginal, mystical & magical worlds
  • Burn in the fire of forgiveness all that you are yet to release
  • Work with the elements and cycles of nature
  • Develop a deepening meditation practice
  • Connect with archetypes, ancestors, spirit guides & animals
  • Find out who you are beyond your mind & body
  • Live in universal flow

Ready to walk the Pathless Path?

If you feel the call, apply to join by clicking the button.